Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International

Veronica Mujeni

Veronica Mujeni

Member: Veronica Mujeni

Business: Mango selling and charcoal selling

Loan: 10,000.00

Veronica Mujeni owns a shop to sell mangos and charcoals. Her business is boosted by TFEDI’s microfinance program. Veronica had a mango shop before receiving the loan. With the microfinance program, she started charcoal selling next to mango shop.

Her motivation to apply for the loan was based on concern of her youngest child.


To boost her business, the forty-one-year old mother had a big trust on TFEDI. This is because her daughter, Mercy Mbithe, already attained a loan from TFEDI and succeeded in her business.

Veronica also succeeded in boosting her own business like her daughter's, and now she can afford school fees for her youngest child.

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