Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International

Nancy Wambu

Nancy Wambu

Member: Nancy Wambu

Business: Mobile cloth-selling

Loan: 1st, 5,000.00; 2nd, 10,000.00.

Nancy Wambu has received loans twice from TFEDI’s microfinance programme, with complete repayment.
Nancy has three children as a single mother,she has to provide basic needs to her kids alone. The thirty-year-old single mother walks door to door selling clothes in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

However, she could not afford to send her growing children to school. As she was looking for capital to invest and expand her own business, she found out TFEDI’s microfinance programme was lending small loans to the community.

Then, she succeeded to acquire loan from the TFEDI. Thanks to her diligence in both business and housework, she can earn enough income from her business to send all her kids to school by herself.

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