Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International

Mercy Mbithe

Mercy Mbithe

Member: Mercy Mbithe

Business: small restaurant

Loans:1st, 5,000.00; 2nd, 10,000.00

Mercy Mbithe successfully owns her own small restaurant with TFEDI’s microfinance programme. Before she achieved the loan, her restaurant was just a food stand selling only chips (French fries). The twenty-six-year woman expanded her business with the capital. The plan succeeded very well.

She owns a small restaurant to serve variety of food including chai, chapatti, chips, and so forth.


Moreover, her business is helping her community. The young restaurant owner employs two boys and a girl. In her restaurant, there are many young boys and girls as well as their parents aged customers.

This is a place for anyone to come and enjoy foods and also conversation not only with friends, but also with somebody they do not know.

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