Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International

Mariam Hassan

Mariam Hassan

Member: Mariam Hassan

Business: Mobile beauty-selling

Loans:1st - 5,000.00; 2nd - 10,000.00, 3rd - 12,000.00

Mariam Hassan started her own business with TFEDI’s microfinance programme. When she was married, Mariam’s most concern was her children’s education like other mothers.


However, her concern was emergent because Mariam was married with her partner who had already four children.

As their mother, the thirty-five-year woman decided to start her business to help her all children’s education regardless her own or not. With TFEDI’s loan, she could afford to send all children to school. Her oldest son, twenty-six-year old, went even to a university and completed his degree.

The young mother of seven children keeps working to take all her kids proper and adequate education.

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