Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International

Margaret Wanjiku

 Margaret Wanjiku Member: Margaret Wanjiku

Business: Small Restaurant

Loan: 1st - Kshs.5,000.00; 2nd - Kshs.5,000.00; 3rd - Kshs.5,000.00

Margaret Wanjiku has applied to TFEDI’s microfinance programme to financially assist her family.

Margaret has owned her small restaurant which is called ‘hotel’ locally, in John Saga, Nairobi, before she borrowed loan from TFEDI. She could afford to sustain her own life without expanding her business.

However, as taking her family in her concern, things became very different.


The sixty-year-old woman decided to boost her hotel with more capital to afford to assist her family, especially her precious grandchildren’s school fees. Like other local Kenyan businessmen or women, it was really difficult for her to loan from formal banks.

TFEDI’s microfinance was accessible for anyone who wants to start and boost own business. She took a chance from the microfinance programme. By far, she received the loans three times, and managed to send her grandchildren to school.

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