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TFEDI is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO - REG NO – OP. 218/051/2006/0510/4535) and Self-Help Group/Organization (SHG/O - REG NO-5051).

TFEDI was founded in 2004 and registered as a Self-Help Group in 2005 by Pastor David Karanja. Being profoundly touched by news and reports on hungry women and children living within the slum community of Nairobi, in 2004 Pastor Karanja got introduced by a relative to four women from Kayole, Nairobi. After the need of funding by low-income entrepreneurs was identified, TFEDI decided a revolving fund should be started to provide loans. Groups of five members bought shares in the revolving fund, and were provided with loans two persons at a time.

TFEDI was registered as an NGO in March 2007 and has been expanding ever since. TFEDI now has nearly over 1000 members.

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