Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International


Tumaini Fund microfinance programme is currently looking for funds in able to boost our revolving fund to scale up our operations and reach a critical mass in order to operate financially self-sustainable. read more

Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International (TFEDI) microfinance programme

School supporting

Tumaini does its best to empower the vulnerable through school supporting as it is the first step to go out from rough poverty. Ccome and discover our lovely children  read more

Success Stories

TFEDI’s microfinance programme

Mariam started her own mobile beauty selling and managed to buy more stock

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TFEDI’s microfinance programme

Rosemary owns a beauty shop and succeeded to expand her shop

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TFEDI’s microfinance programme

Margaret owns a tailoring shop. With TFEDI  she purchase for her tailor-training school

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Tumaini Fund for Economic Development International (TFEDI) is a local Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) based in the slums  of Nairobi, Kenya. It is set up in order to fight the widespread poverty in Nairobi's slums and many social problems, under which Aids,hunger,low hygiene.All these are connected to the wide spread of poverty.

Tumaini's vision is to see all people are healthy and financially capable of providing  their basic needs. Our objectives include:

  • Create and enhance economic opportunities
  • Create wealth through empowering people
  • Getting more of the poor active in doing business.
  • Help poverty reduction by providing sustainable and high impact financial services to the poor.
  • To promote small and medium enterprises (SMEs) at community level.
  • Mobilize and disburse funds and other resources in order to offer financial services and support our HIV program
  • Mobilize funds to build an orphanage under our HIV Program

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